Hi Crafters

So I just wanted to brainstorm a little or a lot….lol. I am thinking of making card/project pre-cut kits for all ages, of course all kits will be age appropriate and will be exciting. These kits will be of cards or projects that I have already made and posted. You would choose the project and I will send it to you it will not be just 1 project but 5 all for you or maybe you would like to get 4 of your friends together, chit-chat and make cards..it’s totally up to you, also for kids this would be great for play dates!!! Well those are my thoughts let me know, what your thoughts are and if you have any suggestions. I’m thinking the price for the kits will range between $15.00-$25.00 per kit…

OK.. i have an idea!!! if you would like to try a 1 card/project sample kit for $3.00 let me know and I will send it to you. This is a very cool way to see what would come in the kit.

Thanks so much for stopping by I always look forward to creating for you.

2 thoughts on “Hi Crafters

  1. It’s been such a pleasure working with you. Your industrious work at thinning the files was most appreciated, and it’s evident you’re going to make a capable back-up for Jasmine. Most of all, I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness. What a fun surprise to be presented with one of your cheerful kreations. You can be sure I’ll display it prominently and let people know where they can find more kreations like it. It’s only right you should have a good time at the upcoming b’day party for the little 5-yr-old since you themed it with your fun invitations!


    • Wow!! Carol thank you, I have to tell you the first day I worked with you I came home and told my dad ” I am training with a women named Carol, and she has got to be the nicest person in the world” and I mean it!! I wish our time wasn’t so short but I enjoyed every day I worked with you and will not forget you ever!!!


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